Thursday, October 29, 2015

Video and Safe Words - not as dirty as it sounds

"Hello, fans and friends and odds and ends!  And now, for you gals and guys, a few words to the wise.  You Jims and Sals are my best pals..."

I will award 10 bonus sparkly unicorn points for anyone who knows where that quote is from...

I think it's relatively safe to say that I have completely lost my mind.  This liquid diet might be the end of me.

I have established a safe word at work.  First of all, my team rocks and has been nothing but supportive and helpful through this process.  So I want to put that out into the universe first - awesome amazing set of humans in my corner.


We are event planners.  Food is a seriously major part of our day and lives.  Lunch is also typically a conversation that can last up to an hour.  Deciding where to go.  What we're in the mood for.  What we had yesterday.  What we're doing for dinner.  So what should we do now?  How much did we eat for breakfast?  Are we hungover...


My safe word is ASPARAGUS.

So today, when they started talking about "what are you doing for lunch?"  "Hmm... I don't know, I think I want pizza.  But I've been eating like crap lately.  Where are you going?"  "I don't know.  I had soup yesterday"


And because they are such wonderful, amazing, awesome humans, they listen to me.

I just had an asparagus moment over a vendor sending us two packs...



... of Oreos because, I don't know, the universe enjoys laughing at me.

Anyway, it has helped me keep from thinking about all of the things I can't have right now if I can get my team to stop chatty-cathying about everything to eat under the sun.

Other than completely losing my mind I'm doing pretty well.  I am still struggling with getting my water in, but I'm all over those protein shakes.  Dr. Wayne told me yesterday that he felt like I had lost some weight.  My boss says that she thinks I'm more energetic.  I think it's anxiety but who knows.  I'm on a no-carb diet, TONS of protein.  So maybe I have lost some weight.  I'm holding off weighing myself until surgery day.  My clothes aren't fitting me any different so if I've lost anything I don't think it's substantial.

Diet today:
5 protein shakes
some water - I just... I don't even know
Coffee, skim milk, 2 truvia packets

And here, my gals and guys, is my video!  It's my second one, but it's the first I'm linking to in the blog.  So basically I'm going back and forth between the blog and the video.  I think both will be helpful.  So... here we go!


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