Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aaaaarrrrgh YouTube Videos! ... And surgery costs

Pre-Op Day 8

So... I haven't posted in a few days because I'm trying so freaking hard to do YouTube videos and they aren't uploading!!

So if anybody has any answers for why I can edit my video on the YouTube app (iphone 6s), and can upload, but then the "processing" just sits at 0% that would be... just so freaking wonderful.

So anyway.

I'm 8 days pre-op which means I'm 6 days...



from my surgery.  I feel ok.  I'm still sucking at my diet, but I promise I'm trying!  In case my stupid videos never load and I can never link to them, I've given up on the terrible Shakeology shakes.

because I just can't even.  I have found muscle milk.  I'm supposed to have 5 muscle milks per day, which is a lot of protein to drink.  And I'm also not getting in my water (100oz).


Today is a new day.  I'm trying the regular muscle milk that is 230 calories, 1.5g saturated fat, 11g carbs and 25g protein.  So still within my dietary limits BUT I only have to drink 3 of them.  So I'm taking it.  I'm set on getting in at least 75oz of water today.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Basically, I'm doing well.  Every time I think about my surgery coming up in just 6 days I get a little dizzy.  It's just so fast, which I know most WLS people don't want to hear.  I know most have to wait months or a year or more for their surgeries and I really feel for that type of frustration.  In a way, I've been waiting for this for 15 years.  In another way, I've been waiting about 15 days.  So crazy.


A big deal, whether it should be or not, when considering barriatric surgery of any kind is cost.  I believe that you should be willing to have the surgery regardless of cost if this is really the right step for you.  I might be full of it.  But any responsible adult, even if they are willing to take the financial plunge, has to think about what it will cost at least a little bit.

No matter how hard I looked, I couldn't get a good idea of what exactly I would have to pay out of pocket.  Because health insurance is such a labyrinth anyway, each person's experience and out of pocket cost will be different.  Which makes it difficult to know if you are really comfortable with the financial risks involved.

I went in assuming that my cost would be between $2000 and $5000 out of pocket.  That seemed reasonable to me, and was a risk I was comfortable paying.  I am fortunate, and was able to consider asking my family for some financial support to make this happen.  Not everyone has that option.  You'll have to weigh your options carefully.

The financial advisor for NYU just called me to give me the information about my out of pocket costs.  My heart started racing, I was definitely nervous.  I pulled out my pad and pen to write down, what I expected to be, a daunting number.


Uh.  Whut?


$673.72 is all that I will have to pay out of pocket, thanks to having a really good health care program through my office, and having already covered most of my out of pocket requirements due to weight loss attempts with another doctor.

That being said, both the nutritional assessment and the psych assessment cost $250 each.  Plus the cost of doctors visits is about $300 more.  So all-in my cost for this surgery is about $1500.  But I will pay that any day if this is the answer I've been searching for!

Oh and PS - my YouTube video just uploaded.  TALK ABOUT A GOOD NEWS DAY!!

Today's Diet:

3 Muscle milk
75oz water (fingers crossed...)

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